• Harriet Clyde Kipps

    I am a writer of children’s books and have just finished one on bullying.  I need someone to write a message of hope and encouragement to the children.  As you know, this week there was another bully-related suicide, so I want to get this little book in the hands of children as soon as possible.  Please ask one of your leaders to do this.  I would need about 3-4 paragraphs to children ages 8-12, and a photograph of the writer.  He/she will join a special club of such writers for my books:  Barbara Bush, John Glenn, Colin Powell,  Miss America, and the support of President Reagan and other dignitaries.  Also, we need a mission statement, but your “All About Us” on the Internet would work for that if you agree.  If you can do this and would do this, it would be deeply appreciated.  We have two such messages in each book in the series – one from the private sector and one from the public sector.  Your help is needed and would be deeply appreciated.

    Harriet Clyde Kipps
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